Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH specialises in vibration isolation in the rail, construction and industry sectors. Derived from our own in-house research, the high-tech materials Sylomer® and Sylodyn® are used in the railway superstructure, for the resilient bedding of buildings and machinery, and also as structural components.

Acoustic Floor Blocks

Point bearings from Getzner are particularly suited for rooms with stringent sound control demands. That
is why they are often found in buildings such as recording studios, cinemas, nightclubs and gyms. However,
car parks, luxury apartments and hotel rooms can also be effectively decoupled from unwanted surrounding

a grey floor mat

Acoustic Floor Mat

Effective noise and vibration reduction with our high-performance Acoustic Floor Mat. Designed to withstand heavy loads up to 5,000 kg/m^2, these mats exhibit minimal deflection, preventing crack formation in the screed. Ideal for refurbishments with their low installed height, they offer quick and hassle-free installation without the need for bonding to the foundation. Enjoy easy handling and outstanding performance that lasts the lifetime of your building. Create enhanced living and working environments with Getzner’s innovative solutions


Bearing of Flanking Components

The better the sound insulation for the partition is, the stronger the impact of flanking transmission via abutting elements becomes.


Bearing of Modules

Sound transmission can be successfully prevented by mounting the individual modules on Sylomer®, which decouples them from one another.


Electronic element decoupling

Instruments such as microscopes, cameras, control panels, displays, etc., are exposed to disruptive influences such as shocks and unwanted vibrations and need to be protected. 


G-Fit Gear

Easy Decoupling with g-fit Gear

Treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers and other training equipment generate noise and vibrations during use. Training equipment can be easily decoupled with g-fit Gear, including retrospectively, meaning that adjacent rooms are not affected by its use.

g-fit Gear is an optimal solution that is suitable for all types of equipment. The modular and customisable system is easy to install and maintenance-free.

G-Fit Gym Mat

G-fit by Getzner is a product line based on high-tech elastomers, which are installed in the floor or adapted for fitness equipment. This means that they block disturbing noise and vibrations even before they arise. Significantly reduce noise levels with g-fit For operators, the location of a fitness centre plays a important role, but due […]

G-Fit Shock Absorb

Shock reduction with g-fit Shock Absorb

g-fit Shock Absorb has been specially developed for free-weights areas as well as workout zones with exceptional loads.

Dumbbell drop tests in laboratories and in practice prove the efficient sound reduction of up to 29 dB(A).

In addition, the g-fit Shock Absorb reduces sudden shocks and limits the force transmitted to the subsurface and the rebound of weights.

This not only protects the supporting structure, but also the nerves of the neighbours, and at the same time increases the safety of the athletes. The product range, consisting of g-fit Shock Absorb Base, Advanced, Pro and Extreme, enables customised solutions for every application and budget.

Highly Resilient Bearings from Getzner

Highly Resilient Bearing

Highly-resilient bearings from Getzner can provide extremely efficient isolation of vibrations in buildings, even under high specific loads .

hvac unit bearing

HVAC unit bearing

Sylomer® spring isolators are perfect solutions for reducing vibrations caused by HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning) equipment.

Isotop Compact

The Isotop® Compact is a premium quality, highly effective vibration damper. It is used for applications where rubber-metal dampers do not provide a sufficiently high level of vibration isolation.

Isotop DZE

Isotop DZE

Isotop® DZE, Isotop® DZE Mini

Isotop® DZE and Isotop® DZE Mini are a multi-part element comprising stainless steel and two different damping materials made from Sylodyn® and Sylomer®. The elements can be individually adjusted according to the load and disturbing frequency – up to a resonance frequency of approximately 7 Hz or 11Hz (DZE Mini). The diverse areas of application include the elastic bearing of compressors, pumps, cooling towers, high-speed rotary presses, CHP plants, roof-top installations, emergency power generators or mobile applications. The elements provide all kinds of vibration isolation.

Isotop MSN Damp

Isotop® MSN-DAMP shock absorbers have a natural frequency (resonance frequency) of roughly 11 Hz depending on the load, and are mainly used for bearing compact components and units.

Isotop SE

Isotop SE

Isotop SE products are used as bearing elements for equipment with narrow base frames and where the design requires single-point installation. They are also used in the localised bearing of: lift motors, HVAC systems, chillers, CHP plants, all kinds of jacks and stamps. Isotop SE is also used for the recipient isolation of machines or assemblies.


Machine Bearing

Elastic machine bearings from Getzner reduce vibrations and structure-borne noise to a minimum.


Pump bearing

An effective way of isolating vibrations is to elastically decouple the pump.

Ships Hull Bearing

Ships Hull Bearing

The Getzner Box-in-Box system significantly reduces vibrations, and consequently secondary airborne noise.


Side wall decoupling

Elastically bearing the side walls of a building on Sylomer® or Sylodyn® efficiently reduces the transmission of vibrations from the surroundings into the structure.


Slot Wall

The elastic bearing of a building on Sylomer® or Sylodyn® efficiently reduces the transmission of vibrations from the surroundings into the structure.

Swimming Pools

Whenever there are pool areas on or in residential buildings, vibrational decoupling is essential. Otherwise,
vibrations can spread out over the structures and cause unwelcome secondary airborne noise. For around 35 years, Getzner has been bedding pools using elastomers made from polyurethane.