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Vibration Solutions Pty Ltd represents 3 world class manufacturers throughout South East Asia.

SECURITY LOCKNUT is fast becoming the gold standard in locknut performance in just about every imaginable industry.  Security Locknuts go on and off like a standard nut, however, the high prevailing torque of Security Locknut eliminates spin-off in applications subject to severe impact, rotation and heavy vibration. Unlike most other prevailing torque locknuts, Security Locknuts are both re-useable and effective in high-temperature applications.  Nuts loosening under dynamic conditions is both costly to the industry through unplanned downtime and a potential safety hazard to people and equipment.

AMC MECANOCAUCHO has pioneered the manufacture and design of products for the attenuation of vibrations and noise since 1969 .  Today AMC are a market leader throughout the European union providing many high end OEM’s with engineered solutions in the reduction of noise and vibration.  AMC manufacture to ISO9001, ISO14001, DNV Approval and NATO Certification to ensure consistent high quality.

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GETZNER WERKSTOFFE GmbH specialises in vibration isolation in the construction and industry sectors. Derived from our own in-house research, the high-tech materials Sylomer® and Sylodyn® are used in the railway superstructure, for the resilient bedding of buildings and machinery, and also as structural components.

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