G-Fit Gear

Easy Decoupling with g-fit Gear

Treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers and other training equipment generate noise and vibrations during use. Training equipment can be easily decoupled with g-fit Gear, including retrospectively, meaning that adjacent rooms are not affected by its use.

g-fit Gear is an optimal solution that is suitable for all types of equipment. The modular and customisable system is easy to install and maintenance-free.


Advantages and benefits

  • Minimised noise transmission
  • Low cost and minimum time required for installation
  • No abrasion of floor coverings
  • No significant interruption of operating times
  • Free of further costs and expenses for the duration of use

Measurement Report g-fit Gear T300 EN

Installation guideline g-fit Gear T300 EN

Brochure g-fit EN