G-Fit Shock Absorb

Shock reduction with g-fit Shock Absorb

g-fit Shock Absorb has been specially developed for free-weights areas as well as workout zones with exceptional loads.

Dumbbell drop tests in laboratories and in practice prove the efficient sound reduction of up to 29 dB(A).

In addition, the g-fit Shock Absorb reduces sudden shocks and limits the force transmitted to the subsurface and the rebound of weights.

This not only protects the supporting structure, but also the nerves of the neighbours, and at the same time increases the safety of the athletes. The product range, consisting of g-fit Shock Absorb Base, Advanced, Pro and Extreme, enables customised solutions for every application and budget.


The product range for individual solutions

  • g-fit Shock Absorb Base:             12 mm
  • g-fit Shock Absorb Advanced:    25 mm
  • g-fit Shock Absorb Pro:                50 mm
  • g-fit Shock Absorb Extreme:       75 mm

Advantages and benefits

  • Easy retrofitting of existing floors
  • No major expense or construction work
  • High level of noise reduction
  • Shock reduction for reduced force transmission into the foundation
  • Increased safety for athletes due to cushioned rebound of weights
  • Tested stability for a smooth workout
  • Maintenance-free service life

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