Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment

G-fit by Getzner is a product line based on high-tech elastomers, which are installed in the floor or adapted for fitness equipment. This means that they block disturbing noise and vibrations even before they arise.

Significantly reduce noise levels with g-fit

For operators, the location of a fitness centre plays a important role, but due to noise protection regulations, not every location can be selected for this purpose. This is why noise reduction measures are particularly important during the planning stages of a fitness studio.

The advantages for you

  •  Flexibility when it comes to the selection of a location, thanks to
    reduced sound transmission to adjoining floors
  • Long-lasting and maintenance-free for many years
  • Simple and efficient installation
  • Can be retrofitted in existing floors Free from contaminants and ideal for areas with demanding
    health and safety requirements
  • No restrictions on usage times imposed by rental agreements
  • Value retention as a result of reduced wear on the building structure
  • Improved relationships with neighbours and letting agents

The following link is to a downloadable brochure for the G-Fit Gym Mat: Brochure g-fit EN

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