Acoustic Floor Blocks

Point bearings from Getzner are particularly suited for rooms with stringent sound control demands. That
is why they are often found in buildings such as recording studios, cinemas, nightclubs and gyms. However,
car parks, luxury apartments and hotel rooms can also be effectively decoupled from unwanted surrounding



Acoustic Floor Blocks – Quality for the most
stringent demands

The homogeneously foamed bearings made from Sylomer® stand out due to their proven effectiveness and durability. The range, consisting of various materials, allows the perfect solution to be provided for any area of application. They can be used under both dry and wet screeds and offer planners and processors an economical form of impact noise protection.

Advantages and benefits

  • High-quality Sylomer® material with proven long-term properties
  • High improvement of impact noise even in low frequency ranges
  • Installation heights from 50 mm to 500 mm
  • Low creeping behaviour
  • Excellent shock and impact resistance
  • Allows services to be installed within the void
  • Outstanding performance over lifetime of the building
  • Impact noise reduction even in the low-frequency range
  • Natural frequencies of up to 8 Hz possible
  • Flexible floor installation heights of 80 mm to 500 mm
  • Low deflection
  • Free from softeners
  • Economical sound control solution to meet stringent demands
  • Increased walking comfort