Isotop Compact

The Isotop® Compact is a premium quality, highly effective vibration damper. It is used for applications where rubber-metal dampers do not provide a sufficiently high level of vibration isolation.

The Isotop® Compact is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
It can be used in all types of device that must quickly and permanently be isolated from structure-borne noise and vibrations.
Its diverse areas of application include the elastic bearing of:
  • small pumps
  • split air-handling units
  • compressors
  • small motors
  • electric engines

By using different types of Sylomer®, Sylodyn® or Sylodamp®, optimal adjustment in line with the respective loads can be achieved.

  • Simple selection of the elements according to the load
  • Easily screw-mountable
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Long service life
  • Extremely low overall height
  • Effective in all spatial directions, even horizontal forces are absorbed

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