Marine Mount Type XD

The Marine Type XD mounts are ideal for mobile applications where a higher degree of isolation is required.

Its specific design allows lower vertical and radial stiffness rates. This feature is particularly useful on those applications where a high vibration isolation rate is required even if the machine runs at low idle speeds. The metal parts are robust and incorporate a fail-safe device in order to resist traction forces.

UNSPSC Codes: 23153130


Marine Mount Type XD

XD Marine Mount-drawing

Type Weight(gr) Shore LOAD kg MAX Code
MARINE MOUNT type XD 655 40 Sh 40 136151
50 Sh 60 136152
60 Sh 75 136153
70 Sh 100 136154


  • The cast aluminum bell has been designed to withstand to great dynamic shocks while the rubber compound is guided in order to avoid relative displacements.
  • The rubberized baseplate and the aluminum top cap provide a higher resistance to marine corrosive environments, improving the performance of traditional marine antivibration mounts.
  • The mounts have a clear identification of rubber hardness on the baseplate.
  • The rubber compound is protected against oil contamination, O3 and UV rays.
  • The failsafe device avoids rubber working at traction and limits the vertical ascendant movement.
  • The different stiffness rates per axis, allow low roll natural frequencies of the system. This feature provides a higher vibration isolation degree on engines. The fact of having a lower vertical stiffness perfectly suits 3 cylinder engines working at low idle speeds.
  • The higher longitudinal stiffness allows the mount to withstand thrust forces. This feature provides stability and reduces longitudinal movements of the engine. 
  • Maximum leveling: 3 mm. For further leveling, we recommend to use shims.


The type XD AMC-MECANOCAUCHO® mount is used on mobile applications that require higher degree of vibration isolation, such as:

  • Marine engines
  • Gensets
  • Industrial engines
  • Pumps
  • Electrical panels
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Compressors
  • Fans




  • The M16 stud is supplied with a 1,5 pitch fine thread to allow precise levelling, compared to the traditional M12 studs used on similar sized marine mounts. 
  • The height adjuster of the Type XD Marine mount is more robust and designed for higher duty applications.

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