V-Shaped Marine

The V-Marine Mount shape design provides high deflections for relatively low loads. This means that the natural frequency is low and ideal for engines which frequently work at idle speed. It has different stiffness rates in the Vertical , Horizontal and Lateral axes which permits adjustments to the system modes for optimal isolation and stability.

Product Description

V-shaped marine mount works the rubber section in shear and compression. The V marine mount is comprised of 2 metal parts which permits its installation by means of a stud on the top metal and two holes in the baseplate for securing it to the chassis.

It is used in applications where the load of the suspended unit is low, where high deflection is required to provide high vibration isolation levels. Small vehicles or machines, small and medium-sized gen sets, marine engines; Maximum leveling: 3 mm.



Type Weight(gr) Load (kg) Shore Code
V-shaped marine 1720 40 40 Sh 148001
75 50 Sh 148003
100 60 Sh 148004
150 70 Sh 148006

Tech sheet

V Marine mount