Buffer – Rectangular 120 X 120

Rigid buffers used as end stops or to limit the stroke of moving parts give rise to high impact stresses to structures often causing visible deterioration .This is normally accompanied by unacceptably high noise levels to the human ear , particularly when these impacts are repeated periodically. Rubber buffers eliminate these drawbacks considerably, as they dampen noise and absorb energy . The simple buffer is a flat surface and therefore responds immediately to impact, without over-extending the stroke of the moving part. The progressive buffer has a conical form and therefore makes contact on a progressive basis , increasing deflection with increasing load. This action provides gradual arrest of moving parts, absorbing considerable energy, prohibiting instant high impact stresses.

UNSPSC Codes: 23153130






The elastic buffers are made with a compound of rubber which permits major deformations with notable absorptions of energy.

They can be made with high-damping rubber to order. The absorption of energy is performed thus, irreversibly and opposes the rebound phenomenon.


As buffers: In any case for limiting a flexible element.

  • End of stroke of spring or damper.
  • End of stroke of cranes and hoists.
  • Setting of fragile material in packing’s.


Rectangle 120x120 buffer


  • Easy to install in all cases.
  • Great efficacy when used as mount or as buffer.
  • Possibility of moving the machines, which are not secured to the floor or ground, or of moving the buffers to different points where ends of stroke may be made.

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