Isotop Compact

The Isotop® Compact is a premium quality, highly effective vibration damper. It is used for applications where rubber-metal dampers do not provide a sufficiently high level of vibration isolation.

Isotop DZE

Isotop® DZE, Isotop® DZE Mini

Isotop® DZE and Isotop® DZE Mini are a multi-part element comprising stainless steel and two different damping materials made from Sylodyn® and Sylomer®. The elements can be individually adjusted according to the load and disturbing frequency – up to a resonance frequency of approximately 7 Hz or 11Hz (DZE Mini). The diverse areas of application include the elastic bearing of compressors, pumps, cooling towers, high-speed rotary presses, CHP plants, roof-top installations, emergency power generators or mobile applications. The elements provide all kinds of vibration isolation.

Isotop MSN Damp

Isotop® MSN-DAMP shock absorbers have a natural frequency (resonance frequency) of roughly 11 Hz depending on the load, and are mainly used for bearing compact components and units.

Isotop SE

Isotop SE products are used as bearing elements for equipment with narrow base frames and where the design requires single-point installation. They are also used in the localised bearing of: lift motors, HVAC systems, chillers, CHP plants, all kinds of jacks and stamps. Isotop SE is also used for the recipient isolation of machines or assemblies.