Sylomer® is one of the leading materials in the vibration isolation market. In the case of railway lines, vibrations and noise are reduced, while maintenance costs are also significantly lowered. Sylomer® ensures that rooms affected by vibration are pleasant to use. Ten different types of Sylomer® are available as standard – as well as our special type Sylomer® Fire-retardant. The properties of the material can also be modified in order to meet specific requirements.


  • Combination of spring and damping characteristics
  • Elastic, versatile polyurethane material
  • Mixed-cell pore structure


  • High elasticity, long service life
  • Static application area of 0.011 N/mm² to 1.2 N/mm²
  • Load peaks up to 6.0 N/mm²
  • Very low amplitude dependence
  • Proven long-term behaviour
  • High fatigue strength
  • Finely graded range (10 standard types) for optimum system design
  • Ability to provide customer-specific modifications


Material Data Sheet Sylomer SR11 EN Data Sheet Sylomer SR 18 EN Data Sheet Sylomer SR 28 EN Data Sheet Sylomer SR 42 EN Data Sheet Sylomer SR 55 EN Data Sheet Sylomer SR 110 ENData Sheet Sylomer SR 850 EN Data Sheet Sylomer SR 220 EN Data Sheet Sylomer SR 450 EN

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