Height Adjuster – Standard

This height adjusting system is Zinc plated and chromate according to DIN 50691/ISO 2081 to protect against the corrosion.

UNSPSC Codes: 23153130


DNV rules for ships/ High Speed light craft, Issue Jan 2001 Point 4 Chapter 3 Section1 F202, establishes that standard height adjusters are not acceptable for leveling, due to cyclic bending moments that the studs and bolts are subjected to. This is the reason why levelling of mounts using shims beneath the mounts is the only recommended method for levelling.

Our Height Adjuster – Standard also share also this method and that is the reason why shims have been developed. In order to achieve a fine levelling Standard Height adjusters allow a final precise adjusting with security.

Standard Height Adjusters are not recommended by naval classification institutions. They are recommended only for static applications where levelling below 3mm is achieved.


TypeH(mm)M1M2J(mm)MILLING HEADWeight(gr)Code

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