Why do more customers choose Security Locknut for their application? Because it simply works. Our unique, patented design results in a locknut that holds the bolted joint tight even in the most demanding, high-vibration applications. Plus, no special tools are required for installation, and our locknuts can be used over and over for repeated maintenance applications without degrading performance. These inherent advantages result in the simplest and most effective locknut on the market today.

  • Simple & effective all-steel construction
  • Requires no special tools for installation
  • Reusable and infinitely adjustable over and over for repeated maintenance
  • Does not damage or deform the bolt thread
  • Proven for decades in the most demanding applications
  • Holds in any position on the bolt
  • Performs at extreme temperatures (up to 370o C)
  • Performs in extreme environments (underwater, acidic, corrosive, salt water)