The AMC-MECANOCAUCHO® type ST+ Sylomer® is ideal for high performance building acoustics as well as for stationary applications where the acoustic hanger must provide a high degree of structure borne noise isolation. Thanks to their low stiffness they are capable of achieving natural frequencies ranging from 3 to 4 Hz. Due to this fact they are often used on applications where a high isolation degree is required even at low disturbing frequencies (600 to 1000 rpm).

Technical Characteristics 

The design of these acoustic hangers is composed of:

  • 1. Metal parts that are mechanically fail safe.
  • 2. A rubber moulded part equipped with an end stroke buffer if ever the acoustic hanger is overloaded.
  • 3. A prime degree steel coil spring to provide low natural frequency to the acoustic hanger.
  • 4. A Sylomer® layer to isolate mid-high frequencies that could travel through the coil spring.

These mounts are equipped with different types of coil springs to suit different loading applications from 5 to 60 Kg per hanger

Elastical Properties

ST + Sylomer Curve


Data Sheet