Patented Technology

The key to Security Locknut's performance is in the spring-steel lock ring. While other's have tried to imitate our design, no other solution on the market comes close to our performance because of the unique way in which our spring-steel lock ring is engineered & manufactured. The amazing technology behind our spring-steel lock ring results in incredible rotational resistance for securing the locknut, while at the same time allows for ease of installation. The ring material is based on a durable spring steel alloy which doesn't distort the threads of the bolt. This means repeatable performance even after the locknut has been removed and reinstalled dozens of times.


  • Spring-steel lock ring holds nut in place on the bolt
  • When installed on a bolt, the spring-steel lock ring lifts away and is isolated from the nut body vibration. This creates separate load and lock functions & eliminates spinoff.
  • Lock ring creates a heavy clamp force directly on the bolt
  • Prevailing torque is maintained even after repeated use
  • Does NOT distort threads
  • Durable spring steel alloy

How do they work?